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Lori Boss

My Story: Mother, Grandmother, Doula

    Hello. My name is Lori and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with expectant parents and families as a certified birth doula.There are unique situations with every pregnancy and my goal is to make mothers feel capable and in control of the birth experience of their choice.

    I am from the US, and gave birth to three children in the West, three on the East coast, and our middle child in Tokyo, Japan. Most of our married years have been spent living abroad. I have learned valuable lessons about birth and newborn care from other cultures. I was fortunate to work as a doula in Tokyo and the US, and currently in the US territory of Guam. 


     My family is my world. Most of my children were born naturally, with the exception of our identical twin sons, which required an epidural so the last could be born footling breech. I’ve lost two babies during pregnancy and understand the pain. I also understand the fear that follows with a subsequent pregnancy.

     I have always had a ‘mother’s heart’. I loved pregnancy and birth, and was lucky enough to be a stay at home mom. I have an incredibly supportive husband who also loves children and was always there for me when I got overwhelmed or needed to re-focus. I now get to enjoy grand-parenting.

     Once my children all left home, I found myself wondering what to do without them and their busy lives and activities. After several jobs, I decided to pursue my own career doing what I love as a doula.

     I was thrilled to begin this journey by being a doula for my own daughter and feel blessed to be a part of every birth I assist with. My daughter put it perfectly when she said, “Your love of babies brought you to this, and your love of women will keep you here.

     I have been trained and certified through DONA International.


     Working with two inspirational women, we have now organized the first non-profit adoption service on Guam to help children in crisis find permanent families, and to provide a positive option for expectant mothers. For more information, see

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My Supportive Family


                  My supportive family.

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