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Happy New Mother of Luke

     We found out I was pregnant weeks before moving internationally to Japan, I was very nervous to be away from my home country and family.  It was our first baby as well.

     It was truly a miracle to have Lori to help guide me through pregnancy and be there to support and prepare for birth process and post care. She was so great making me feel at ease during pregnancy and after. I contacted her for every question and concern at times, and she was also so good at responding and making me feel good.

     I give Lori most of the credit for helping me stay calm and focused and making pregnancy and delivery such a positive experience.

Encirclemedoula, Doula, Guam, Lori Boss, Alyssa and Luke


Welcoming Baby #2

Alyssa and Luke at 3 Weeks

(Photo: Amy Ai Photo)

     It has been six months since the birth of our beautiful daughter.  I reflect on my pregnancy and delivery with gratitude that Lori was with me every step of the way.  While having her by my side during delivery was an added benefit and very much appreciated, that wasn’t what I was most grateful for.  

     As my body transformed and my emotions fluctuated, I soon learned that Lori had an exceptional ability to make me feel at peace and reassured that everything was going well.  Even calls early in the morning or later in the evening were received with gladness and excitement. She was able to answer all my questions and provide additional insights and information for my understanding.

     Lori has seven children of her own which enables her to empathize with those she works with.  She always seemed to understand my feelings and share a perspective that helped me see each trimester through safely.   Lori wasn’t just my Doula, but a close friend who helped improve the overall experience of pregnancy and birth. We are so thankful for her service to our family and would recommend her to any mother wondering if having her is worth it. 

Encirclemedoula, Doula, Guam, Lori Boss, Carissa, Maya and Easton

Carissa, Maya (2 days old), and Easton

(Photo: Y.S. Tamura)

Jon & Aubrey

Find Support and Strength

As a first time father, I had no idea what to expect from the whole birth process. I had read books, I had taken a class or two, but I wanted to be educated and comfortable with what would happen in order to be as supportive to my wife (and soon to be arriving child) as possible.


As Lori came and taught us one-on-one about how things were likely to happen and what things would be like for the mother, she also coached me on what I could do to be the family support that I wanted to be. I had always been under the impression that the role of the doula was to help the mother, Lori told me that doulas were also there to help the father. This was a first to me, and it was comforting to know that I had a coach in what could be a chaotic delivery room.


During labor, delivery, and in the recovering process I was so grateful to have someone who was astute and aware, commanding and compassionate, supportive and strengthening with us throughout our whole experience. Working with her took the anxious unknown out of my mind and enabled me to be the supportive and caring husband and father to my wife and brand new son.                                                                                                                                        -Jon

After the thrill of learning we were pregnant, facing my fear of childbirth became an uncomfortable task. Education and talking to friends was helpful, but  ultimately it was partnering with Lori that brought us the sense of control, peace, and even excitement that we needed. 


Lori met with us as a couple to understand how she could best support us. She offered practical tips, talked us through how we would work together as a team, and made us each feel equal to the task ahead. 


For me, Lori was a coach who took on the challenge of helping me win the mental game of labor. She has an assertive and confident style that I found calming and easy to trust. Through our pre-labor sessions, counter pressure training, and her encouragement I was able to enter labor with a sense of control and capability instead of fear. 


During our delivery Lori’s expertise came in handy. Lori recognized the urgency of our timeline from the moment I first called her that morning. She helped me labor in positions that felt the most productive, used counter pressure through painful contractions, and helped my nurses and husband be helpful in the ways I needed. Lori stepped in after Owen's delivery to run and grab things we hadn’t had time to collect from home. She continues to check in on all three of us regularly. She’s added so much to our experience of becoming parents.


Encirclemedoula, doula, Guam, Lori Boss, Aubrey and Jon with Owen
Aubrey and Jon with Owen, at 6 days old
(Photo: Michelle Brenner)


Home birth for baby #4

It was so great to have someone so comfortable and confident in the situation and in me. Also, to have that distraction of conversation between contractions and comfort and support during labor and birth. I definitely recommend Lori as a doula!

Encirclemedoula, doula, Guam, Lori Boss, Mandy & Jeff with family
        Mandy & Jeff with all the family
                   Photo: Anne K Pearson 
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