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Guam Birth Doula Services 

Optional Consultation:

Free 30-Minute Consultation Before Engagement

Full Service Package Includes:

Motherhood is near to Divinity.
It is the highest service to be
assumed by mankind.
~ Howard W. Hunter ~

General Services


2 prenatal preparation visits in your home

Doula’s presence during labor and birth

Postpartum visit for help with breastfeeding, physical and emotional healing, and newborn care

Prenatal Home Visits


Two 2-hour sessions covering:

Prenatal preparation for labor and delivery

Goals and birth preferences - write up your birth plan

Coping techniques, comfort measures, breathing techniques, and physiology

Positions for labor and birth

Consultation Services



Through 6 weeks postpartum via email, text, or phone, related to:

Pregnancy, labor, or birth

Postpartum recovery issues

Breastfeeding and infant care

Other Helpful Resources:

Lactation Consultant -La Leche League of Guam        

Emotional Support and Treatment - Becky Budge

Emotional Release Therapy / Emotion Code & Body Code

iPhone: +81-70-2657-4938 (Can be done over the phone)


Check out helpful videos on a range of subjects at:

Contact me for a free 30-minute consultation
Find out new info on birthing
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